Friday, May 21, 2010

Urgent Information About GDI Premium - You Can Now Earn More in GDI Doing the Same Activity

I've been waiting for this day for almost a year now...

The new GDI product, "GDI Premium", has been released!

This is exactly what GDI has needed to raise it's profile in the
network marketing community to a very top tier company.
(As if the Inc. 500 rankings, DSA and paypal standings weren't enough)

Many top industry leaders will start to move over now that we can
make much, much higher income. (many of them used to complain about
"I can only make $1 per member so I'm not interested")

In fact, you can make up to 15x your current income on your personal

Here are a list of the most important benefits to you,

- Earn up to 5-15 TIMES greater income across all 5 levels of your

- You get 3 "1 month" gift cards to send out every month. (These are
worth $10 each...they allow you to "gift" someone's first month in
GDI...which virtually guarantees you to get at least 3 new GDI
members each month!)

- GDI Premium Lottery: This is where 3 GDI Premium members are
selected daily to get the orphans from GDI. (Orphans are members
that sign up directly to GDI corporate without a sponsor, which
are typically around 20 per day) These members are split up and
distributed as personally enrolled members between the 3 winners
for that day.

- Take part in the weekly $100 bonus contest. (The "refer 5 members"
to get $100 is now only available for GDI Premium members)

Those are the biggest changes...although there are about a dozen
other benefits to GDI Premium members.

If you are persistent over time and focused on building your GDI
team, you will now be able to be much closer to reaching your
financial goals.

If you haven't joined yet and are new and just getting started,
you have a HUGE head start on those of us that have built the
foundation of this company. You can surpass the incomes of
some of us top earners in a fraction of the time it's taken us
to get here!

So no matter where you're at, I congratulate you for being in the
right company at the right time.

I know that sounds very cliche...but the truth is that one part of
success is "timing"...

because you're here right now, reading this email...the timing is
all taken care of for you. Now it's up to you do plug in and take
advantage of your situation.

Where you are in 6 months from now, will be a summation of the
thoughts & decisions you make TODAY...for that's how your destiny is

Join and choose your destiny wisely, as either decision you make is
still a decision. (and yes, you can still make a full time income
without choosing to take advantage of GDI Premium...just as I
have done until will just take you 5-15 times as long to
get there)

To YOUR Ultimate Success,
Lana Robinson

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Monday, May 17, 2010

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