Top Ranked and Best Credit Based Safelist Advertising Sources

How to “advertise your home business online” using “the top ranked credit based safelists” and how to find “the best safelists” for your “email marketing”.

As more and more people join my team, I get the same question over and over again…. “what are your favorite and best performing online advertising sources?”
My favorite source to finding the best safelists is TrafficHoopla and Affiliate Funnel.

Note: You can also use TrafficHoopla to help you keep up with what safelists to mail and when to mail them.

What you will do is join TrafficHoopla and log in every day, click 3rd Join Lists in the left hand column and then click the safelist name to log into the site and send your ads. This service updates the top performing safelists and traffic exchanges every week – it’s a very valuable resource for your own advertising needs!

You can also use ViralMailProfits and they'll REMIND you when it's time to mail to your list again!

TrafficSurge is also worth joining (even if you join free) because the owners of that site provide free training on how to be successful online.

If you are utilizing List Builders in your advertising, then TrafficZipper is the way to go because you can send your ad out to the top List Builders all at one time with one click.  It's pretty awesome.

Ya’ll, this is NOT rocket science.

Join the safelists / listbuilders, mail to them when you can.

Even if you keep a notebook, or a piece of paper or a calendar or a spreadsheet or you bookmark the ssafelist sites by days of the week to mail (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.). Whatever works best for you. Mail to the lists every day you can.  There's a great tool called the Safelist Genie that will keep up with ALL of your safelists and will allow you to view the credit links outside of your email inbox.  You have to try it to see why it's awesome... I've arranged for you to try it FREE for 14 days.  You don't know what you're missing out on if you don't try it!  Click the banner below to start your free trial.

Here's another great tool with 50+ top ranked credit based safelists.

Safelist Downline Builder – Lists 50+ of the top performing credit based safelists in one place.   All these safelists are free to join.  Register your account with SafelistDownlineBuilder and join the safelists then send your new downline / team members your link for SafeListDownlineBuilder – get referrals | free safelist credits | commissions from the safelists.  This means you make more money and can mail the safelist subscribers your offers more often!  Also has good training on safelist marketing.  Log into your account daily and click the links to open the safelists in new tabs so you can log in and send your ads out manually.  Thumbs up, in my opinion!

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